Step by Step Instructions

You do not need to hand in any of the work described in these. On the other hand, we will be assuming, throughout this module, that you have the level of facility with Geometer's Sketchpad that any of these provide. You be familiar with:

  • Basic construction tools form the Tool Bar
  • Constructions from the Construction menu
  • Changing the attributes of objects (color, thickness, label)
  • Hiding objects
  • Measuring quantities
  • Tracing and animation

For those with the prerequisite Geometer's Sketchpad experience, it is likely that it will require about 35 hours to complete the lessons. The time required for the classroom project will depend on the size and complexity of the project you select, expect the final project to take about 10 hours to complete.  After you have downloaded the appropriate module files folder for your operating system (PC or Macintosh) and have installed Geometer's Sketchpad, you are ready to begin. Proceed as follows:

Please note that each Lesson and Exercise referred to on this page, along with this Step-By-Step file, are in the file attached at the bottom of this page.

If you are not familiar with Geometer's Sketchpad, you should work through Using the Geometer's Sketchpad Module from Math Teacher Link or the Geometer's Sketchpad Introductory Lab from the Geometry Forum.
Complete this short set of homework exercises that will test your basic knowledge of geometry and of the Geometer's Sketchpad.
If you are enrolled for graduate or continuing education credit, submit Intro HWK through the Module Hand-In System using your MTL login and password before you go on to Step 2.
Work through each of the following lessons, using the accompanying Geometer's Sketchpad files. Each of these lessons has a corresponding homework assignment that should be handed in.


If you are enrolled for graduate or continuing education credit, submit Lesson 1 Hwk through Lesson 5 Hwk as you complete them through the Module Hand-In System using your MTL login and password before you go on to Step 3.
Review the projects provided in the Projects folder in the download. This will give you some idea of how you can use Geometer's Sketchpad to develop your own teaching materials. Of course, you are welcome to use these projects, or items from them, in your own teaching. This should also give you some ideas for projects of your own. Often, you will be able to borrow and modify Sketchpad sketches and scripts from these projects for projects of your own.
If you are enrolled as an MTL guest or for Continuing Education Credit, you have just completed the module. Congratulations! Those of you enrolled for Continuing Education Credit will be sent feedback on the assignments that you were required to submit.

If you are enrolled in the module for Graduate Credit, you now have the opportunity to put your Sketchpad skills to work by creating an approved Final Project that you can use in your teaching. Proceed to Step 4 for help in selecting, completing and submitting your Final Project.

Select a Sketchpad project (or projects) that would be useful to you in your teaching. Notify us of your choice and give us a brief description of the project.
We suggest that you choose something relatively simple for your first project - you can always tackle more complicated projects later after you have some confidence in your Sketchpad skills. Try to incorporate the kinds of ideas you have seen in the lessons -- moving configurations, tracing points, lines or circles, measuring selected quantities, etc. Your project could consist of a set of exercises with instructions as text areas right on a Sketchpad sketch or it could be a Word document containing the instructions accompanied by any necessary sketches, much as the lessons on this module were laid out. If you are comfortable with HTML you could even create a project much like the lessons in the module, but this is certainly not necessary.

Before you begin work on your Final Project, submit a brief outline to us by emailing or your instructor directly. We may be able to make some helpful suggestions.

Complete your Final Project.
You will need to submit an electonic copy of Final Proj through the Module Hand In System using your MTL login and password.

That's it folks! We believe that if you complete these steps, you will acquire the tools necessary to use the Geometer's Sketchpad, or a similar geometry package, actively in your teaching. You should also have gained the background necessary to learn more about this software as your needs dictate.

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