Step #7

STEP #7: Propose and complete an approved Final Project consisting of developing a classroom unit for one of your classes based on information and techniques related to the content of this module. Final Project Topic: You are given a great deal of latitude in the choice of topic for this unit because we want the choice to reflect your teaching situation and your interests. We require only that the unit is based on the module. Of course, this module is written for teachers and your final project is for high school students, so the level and emphasis of your final project will likely be different than what is found in the module. Required Final Project Proposal: After you have selected the topic for your final project, compose an e-mail message describing in a paragraph or two how you want to develop your topic, and send it to us to us in an e-mail message at: geoform [at] mtl.math.uiuc.eduWe will respond with suggestions or ask for further explanation. Once your final project plan is approved, you can proceed with the development of the project. Details about the Final Classroom Project: Your final project should be a classroom unit that might require 1.5 - 2.5 class days to discuss in class. It must include a lesson plan, any necessary student worksheets or handouts and any electronic documents for classroom demonstrations that you develop for the project. The project should be documented well enough so that another teacher can use it without further explanation. If practical, we would also like you to teach and evaluate the unit as part of your report, but that is not an absolute requirement. The final project will count for at least one-fourth of your final grade in the module, so it should reflect a corresponding effort and time commitment.   When you have completed your Final Project, submit all documents electronically by using the Hand In button on the tab at the top of this page and using the login directions that were in your welcome letter.

You are done! The Math Teacher Link instructional staff will review and provide feedback on your assignments and Classroom Project.