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This is the second module of a technology intensive, networked-based, two module course in the fundamentals of probability and statistics. These modules provide the necessary background for teachers of high school statistics to teach a full year of AP Statistics. Module 6 Part II deals with inferential statistics including Central Limit Theorem, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and ANOVA.

The outline of these modules is closely linked to the AP Program Topic Outline and the Supplement Text (AMSCO). As a result, be aware that the outline of our Module may not coincide exactly with your high school's text. The general pattern for taking the module will consist of reading the book in hard copy and doing exercises using software introduced in the Units. In most cases, the exercises can be done with a graphing calculator such as the TI-83+. Exercises and other activities will be conducted in electronic format and submitted to the instructor via the Internet.

You may download the individual units from this page. Click on the download link and a dialog box will appear. Each file is in Word doc format, for example, the Unit 1 file is Mod6B-1.doc. For further information, read the Step-By-Step Instructions page.

Unit 1: Introduction and Teacher's Perspective
In this unit, participants will be introduced to sampling and sampling distributions.

Download: Mod6B-1.doc

Unit 2: Central Limit Theorem
Unit 2 discusses the Central Limit Theorem using the software Resampling StatsTM.

Download: Mod6B-2.doc

Download: Intro_to_R.pdf


Unit 3: Estimates (Confidence Intervals)
Unit 3 covers point and interval estimates, or confidence intervals, and the software StatDiskTM.

Download: Mod6B-3.doc


Unit 4: Hypothesis Testing with One Sample
Unit 4 looks at traditional hypothesis tests with one sample using the software MinitabTM.

Download: Mod6B-4.doc

Unit 5: Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples
Unit 5 expands the discussion to hypothesis tests with both independent and dependent samples.

Download: Mod6B-5.doc

Unit 6: Tests of Correlation and Regression
Unit 6 looks at correlation and regression using the software FathomTM.

Download: Mod6B-6.doc


Unit 7: Multinomial tests; Contingency Tables
Unit 7 gives participants a chance to explore multinomial tests, using a variety of software applications.

Download: Mod6B-7.doc


Unit 8: ANOVA
Unit 8 focuses on Analysis of Variance, using the software JMPTM, or a new application of your choice.

Download: Mod6B-8.doc

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