Required Materials

In addition to the general requirements for participating in Math Teacher Link, this module also has the following requirements:

Supplement Text
Regardless of which textbook you will be using in your classroom, this text offers an excellent supplement to any AP Statistics course.

  • AP Statistics: Preparing for the AP Exam, Bohan, AMSCO 2000, ISBN: 1-56765-527-0

Primary Text
Since the AMSCO text is only a supplement and not meant as a stand-alone textbook, this course also requires an AP Statistics recommended primary text. Such texts include, but are not limited to:

  • Elementary Statistics 8/e, Triola, Addison Wesley 2001, ISBN 0-201-61480-4
  • Elementary Statistics Update 9/e, Triola, Addison Wesley 2005, ISBN: 0-321-28839-4
  • Elementary Statistics 6/e, Weiss, Addison Wesley 2005, ISBN:0-201-77130-6
  • Elementary Statistics 2/e, Bluman, McGraw Hill 2003, ISBN: 0-07-256042-8
  • Statistics and Data Analysis 2/e, Peck/Olsen/Devore, Thompson 2005, ISBN: 0-534-46710-5
  • Understandable Statistics 7/e, Brase, Houghton Mifflin 2003, ISBN: 0-618-26509-0

Please consult with Math Teacher Link if you would like to use a Primary Text not on the above list. A free trial copy of high school textbooks is often granted to interested teachers. Contact the publishers above to inquire about such a request.

Enrollees will also need to use several types of statistical software in this course. If the participant or participant's school does not own a license for license for own of these brands, each software package offers a 30-day free trial version that can be downloaded from the internet. After downloading the software package, the enrollee should plan to complete the Unit within the 30-day trial period provided by the downloaded software. A goal of this course is to introduce a variety of software and demonstrate possible applications of the software; the enrollee can then decide whether the software is appropriate for their own school setting. Software packages include:

Enrollees are required to use a graphing calculator with built-in statistics tests; any graphing calculator approved for the AP test is suitable for this course. The course instructor will assume use of a TI-83 Plus.

Optional Video
There are several commercial videos that may help high school students in understanding statistical concepts. An older yet excellent series is "Against All Odds: Inside Statistics," an Annenberg/CPB series.