Using Mathematica in the Mathematics Classroom

This module is designed for mathematics teachers at the 9 - 14 grade levels who are beginners with Mathematica and who want to learn to use this software package to create transparencies and handouts, computer demonstrations, and interactive student lessons for their mathematics classes. This module is available for both Version 8.0 and Versions 10.0 of Mathematica, with legacy support provided for some older versions. Credit: 2 grad. sem. hrs.

Common Core Standards for Mathemtical Practice that are emphasized include:

  • 3. Construct viable arguments.
  • 4. Model with mathematics.
  • 5. Use appropriate tools strategically.

Using Mathematica in High School Mathematics Instruction was written by Tony Peressini and Debra Woods of the University of Illinois during October 1997.  It has continued to be updated to work with the newer versions of Mathematica (updated April 2016 by Tom Anderson).

Check out some sample projects for this module attached below!

Anders.Markov.final_.nb30.74 KB
R1Monke.final_.nb837.5 KB
Stew-series.nb85.55 KB
Tanders.final_.nb30.74 KB