Required Material

In addition to the general requirements for participating in the Math Teacher Link Course Module Program, this module also has the following requirements:

  • Mathematica

    To complete this program, you mucst have Mathematica installed on the computer that you will use to complete the coursework. We recommend that new students use Mathematica 10.0, but legacy support can be provided for earlier versions.

    More information on Mathematica, including some sample applications, called demos, may be found on the Wolfram webpage at . The requirements for running the Mathematica software may also be found on that site.

    Students who enroll in a Math Teacher Link course will recieve a UIUC login called a NetID. This login will allow access to the University of Illinois Webstore where Mathematica may be purchased at a substantial discount.

  • Courseware

    Each of our Mathematica-based courses has a series of files that make up the course's electronic textbook.

    Students using Mathematica Versions 8 and 10 may download the files for this course, from our Step by Step Instructions page. Students using older versions of Mathematica should contact us via the Contact link about legacy courseware.