Course Numbering

When you select your type of registration by clicking on the appropriate link below, you will be leaving the Math Teacher Link website and going to the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning's registration website. All of the Math Teacher Link courses have a course number of Math 490 with the module number appended to the end of the Math 490. For example, at the MTL site, when you click on Using Geometer's Sketchpad for the module you are interested in, the MTL web site will show that as being module number 4. At the CITL registration site, when taken for graduate credit, the course you will be registering for will be labeled Math 490 4. So if you are taking Using Geometer's Sketchpad for graduate credit the course number is Math 490 4.

Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is from the University of Illinois and is transferable to other colleges. It is applicable to degree programs with approval of the college and department granting the degree. You do not have to be enrolled in a degree program at UIUC to enroll in these courses for graduate credit.

All of the courses are available for graduate credit. Graduate credit for 2015/2016 is $444 per credit hour. MTL courses carry anywhere from 1 credit hour to 4 credit hours each. See the module descriptions for further information.

Students who wish to withdraw from the program may do so at any time during the course timeframe. Students must formally request to drop a course by completing and submitting a Change of Status form Tuition refunds and credits are processed according to the pro-rated refund policy, based on the date the course begins and the date on which we receive a student's formal drop request. Students have 10 weeks from their enrollment date in which to drop a course and still receive a partial refund. The refund policy is always effective, regardless of whether a student did or did not begin a course. The Academic Outreach administrative course fee is non-refundable. For questions about dropping NetMath courses and to verify eligibility for a partial tuition refund, contact the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (phone: 800-252-1360800-252-1360 ext. 36305, email: . More information may be found here.


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