Required Materials

In addition to the general requirements for participating in Math Teacher Link, this module also has the following requirements:

  • Primary Text

This course requires an AP Statistics Text as the primary text, and any approved AP text may be used. Such texts include, but are not limited to:

    Elementary Statistics , Triola, Addison Wesley
    Elementary Statistics, Weiss, Addison Wesley
    Elementary Statistics , Bluman, McGraw Hill
    Statistics and Data Analysis , Peck/Olsen/Devore, Thompson
    Understandable Statistics , Brase, Houghton Mifflin

Modules 6A and 6B are not linked to a particular text, and are purposely written textbook-independent. Although assignments require internet access, enrollees may, at times elect to use data sets from the AP textbook for required assignments.

  • Software
    Module 6A requires MS Excel, recent version.  Microsoft provides academic discounts on their software.  You can check the academic pricing by clicking on this link.  To find out where you can then purchase the product in your area, click on this link and follow the on screen directions.  You might also want to check with the Technology Coordinator in your school district for possible special pricing.
  • Calculator
    Enrollees are required to use a graphing calculator with built-in statistics tests; any graphing calculator approved for the AP test is suitable for this course.  TI Connect or TI-Graph Link is also needed.  If you follow this link to the Texas Instruments page, you will find at the bottom of the page, the links to download the software that is specific to the plaform you are running.  If you are unfamiliar with TI-Connect or TI-Graph Link, we suggest reading through their guidebooks.  
  • Optional Video
    There are several commerical videos that may help high school students in understanding statistical concepts. An older yet excellent series is "Against All Odds: Inside Statistics," an Annenberg/CPB series.
  • Optional Newsletter
    Published by the American Statistical Association and the National Newsletter Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this free newsletter contains teaching ideas and activities for all grades. Statistics Teacher Network is found at: