Detailed Description

Using the reform electronic based text, Calculus&Mathematica, this course takes an intuitive, graphical and hands-on approach to reviewing the topics of differential and integral calculus. Topics covered include: Growth, Natural logs and Exponentials, Instantaneous Growth Rates, Rules of the Derivative, Using the Tools of the Differential Equations of Calculus, Parametric Plotting, Integrals for Measuring Area, the Fundamental Formula of Calculus and Measurements using Integrals.

Calculus&Mathematica is a complete, modern calculus course developed at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University. The course, which is based on an interactive electronic text written as a series of Mathematica notebooks, fully integrates the numeric, symbolic and graphic capabilities of Mathematica as tools to explore calculus concepts, methods and applications. As such, it differs markedly in content emphasis and organizational style as well as in its underlying pedagogy from "traditional" calculus courses. Calculus&Mathematica (C&M) is a college-level course that is taught at a number universities and high schools throughout the country.

The goal of this module is to review calculus skills using a reform approach to the material and to tie the material learned to the NCTM standards and the Common Core Mathematics Standards.