Step by Step Instructions

Enrollment and Credit Options:
    Mathematics teachers who have completed an undergraduate major in mathematics or mathematics education or the equivalent can enroll in this module for two semester hours of University of Illinois Graduate Credit.  Practicing mathematics teachers in Illinois have the option of enrolling or six Continuing Education Units, which would be applicable to teacher recertification renewal in Illinois. Within 5 working days of completion of enrollment, these teachers will be issued a log-in and password that will provide them access to the Module Working Environment where they submit required assignments and retrieve the graded results.
    Mathematics teachers may also use the online materials as an MTL Guest (free). As a guest you have access to the instructional materials but no access to instructional support, or to the Module Working Environment.

    Teachers enrolled for graduate credit must complete and submit the seven assignments for the module described in Steps #1 through #7 below and an approved Final Project (See Step #8 below for more details about this requirement.) 

Estimated Time Requirements for completion of the module:  We estimate that the work for this module will take participating teachers an average of about 90 hours to complete. Technically, you have a 16-week enrollment period to complete the module after you enroll in that unit. However, we recommend that you have as a goal to complete each of the two units of the module in eight weeks or less. That should be possible even when you are teaching if you set aside about six hours each week to work on the module.

 After you have registered for Module 13 follow these steps:
    This module is divided into the following units:

•    Unit 1: Discovering geometry through geometric constructions. Steps 1-4
•    Unit 2: Geometric constructions and the real number system. Steps 5-8