How is the development of these courses funded?

The development of new modules and the revision of existing modules has been supported through grants from the following sources:

* The UI OnLine Program funded by the Sloan Foundation through the U of I Vice President for Academic Affairs Office.
* A Higher Education Cooperation Grant (HECCA) with ISU and EIU.
* A National Science Foundation Grant.
* A developmental contract between the U of I and The Illinois State Board of Education for Professional Development courses for the Illinois Virtual High School.Most of these grants listed me and the other two MTL Co-Directors, Tom Anderson and Debra Woods, as the grant co-directors. Tom Anderson and Debra Woods have played a strong and ever-increasing role in the development of MTL Courses and the maintenance and operation of MTL.

The Department of Mathematics has provided space in Altgeld Hall to operate the program but has not otherwise contributed to the development or delivery of the course modules.

The operation of Math Teacher Link is supported in part by tuition income, in part by income from grants or professional development contracts with high school and community college districts, and in part from income produced by my on-line course, Math 388: Mathematical Methods In Science and Engineering, which is offered through the Office of Continuing Engineering Education.