Required Material

In addition to the general requirements for participating in Math Teacher Link, this module also has the following requirements:

  • Any of the TI-83 family of calculators (including TI-82, TI-83,TI-83+ and TI-83+ Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus)
    Each participant needs to have access to either of these Texas Instruments Graphing calculators.
  • Functioning In The Real World by Sheldon P. Gordon
    Each participant must obtain a copy of the second edition of the text Functioning In The Real World by Sheldon P. Gordon, et al., (Addison-Wesley Longman) ISBN# 0-201-38389-6). For Ordering Information, please call the publisher Addison Wesley Longman at 1-800-922-0579. Used copies of the book are also available at at significantly reduced prices. This book is an excellent resource to have available in any high school mathematics library.