Step by Step Instructions

Estimated Time Requirements: It is likely that teachers will require 15-25 hours to study the lessons and complete the lesson assignments for this module. Those teachers enrolled for Graduate Credit will also be required to complete a Final Project that integrates the module content into a unit for one of their classes. The time required to complete the Final Project will vary, but should fall generally in the 15-20 hour range.

Getting Started: After you have completed and submitted your on-line registration form, you will come back to this site and go through Steps 1-6. Some steps will contain assigment shells, which are Microsoft Word documents, that you will use to coplete and submit lesson assignents for this module.  If you are enrolled for graduate credit, there will be a final project shell (see step 6) that you will use to organize and submit your final project. You should open these documents and scan their contents briefly. If you are not very familiar with the calculator (TI-82 or TI-83) that you will be using to do this module, review the Basic TI-82 Tutorial. Working with the TI-83 is very similar.

To do the module assignments, you will need to know how to capture screen shots on your TI-82 or TI-83 calculator and transfer them to your computer so that you can paste them into the Assignment shells, which are MS Word documents in your download folder for this module. This is quite easy to do with the TI-Graph Link package that is required for this module. The TI-Graph Link Tutorial will show you how to install TI-Graph Link on your Mac or Windows machine and also show you how to do these screen captures and insert them in other documents on your computer. If you are not already using TI-Graph Link for this purpose, you should review this tutorial now.

Now proceed to Step 1 below.